Welcome to Curb Numbers, Etc.

Over twenty years ago we stopped painting individual numbers for residents, and started to work for homeowners associations, community associations, and their management companies. In the years since 1985 we have built a client base of HOAs/CIAs that continues to grow...so we are still at it. Our system is focused on using high quality materials and methods that ensure high value for a small investment. It allows a community association to gain control of the curb number situation found in every neighborhood (at wholesale prices) and everyone benefits out of proportion to the investment involved. Over 50% of our work is repeat business.

Our business is limited to contracting with community associations and/or their management companies to paint curb address numbers for the entire community at one time. This is our business model. Our entire set-up is based on this approach and our pricing reflects that, passing on to you the economies that come from working this way.

Early on we joined CAI and GHNA and have been members for many years.

We enjoy and appreciate getting to work with so many diverse communities, large and small, and would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your community. We promise to work hard to make you look good!

Sample numbers are always free and are done with no obligation. For a detailed proposal quickly, please call 281-787-1992 or email us at our contact page.

Call us at 281-787-1992 for more information.

Curb Numbers Etc. | Greater Houston, TX

Curb Numbers Etc. provides reflective curb address numbers for community associations in the Greater Houston area, including Katy, Sugarland, Clear Lake, Cypress, and Missouri City, TX.