About Curb Numbers

Curb Numbers Etc. has been working for homeowners associations, community associations and their management companies since Mr. Kenneth Evans founded it in 1985. After serving 20 years in The United States Marine Corps and running a successful personnel agency until the early 1980s recession, Ken has always been a determined businessman and forward thinker. After doing door-to-door sells for address numbers, he saw an opportunity to collaborate with communities and paint an address number for every house. Not only is this beneficial for Emergency Vehicles, it also allows community associations to gain control of the curb number situation at wholesale prices and improve Community Curb Appeal.

Timothy Bradley joined Curb Numbers Etc. during the summer of 1999 while attending local college. After graduating in 2004, Tim began working full time and has never looked back. He became the proud owner of Curb Numbers Etc. May 1 2013. Tim is always looking to improve his knowledge of painting techniques and changes in the industry. He is an active member of the local Community Association Institute and Greater Houston Neighborhood Associations. Reaching the Greater Houston area and beyond Curb Numbers Etc. continues to be the small business you can trust.

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Curb Numbers Etc. | Greater Houston, TX

Curb Numbers Etc. provides reflective curb address numbers for community associations in the Greater Houston area, including Katy, Sugarland, Clear Lake, Cypress, and Missouri City, TX.